Tropisms I-VI (2009)

Tropisms I-VI was recorded and produced by cacao in 2008 as a series of environmental reflexes encoded in sound. The six compositions look to biological form to express states, the term tropism referring to the directional reaction of biological organisms to stimuli.

The project started out as a re-reading of Nathalie Sarraute’s 1939 collection of vignettes of the same name, which sought to re-establish relationships between the biological and the psychological in literature, describing inner movements of the mind as physical phenomena.

Tropisms I-VI
01 Tropism I 07:06
02 Tropism II 08:55
03 Tropism III 06:35
04 Tropism IV 04:01
05 Tropism V 06:31
06 Tropism VI 12:52

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