Supersurface A (2010)

Supersurface A is a series of graphical works produced as a study into volume, rhythm and surface. The generative graphics are composed of a field of lines subject to deformations through the placement of attractors at different points in space.

The series represents a set of spatial configurations that offer a glimpse into a large state space of potential compositions, produced through the use of 1 or 2 activators and inhibitors acting on up to 1600 line elements.

The concept of spatial order arising through activators and inhibitors comes from developmental cell biology, in which pattern creation arises out of a reaction-diffusion dynamics, first formulated by Alan Turing in his landmark paper on morphogenesis.

The term supersurface was introduced into architectural discourse by Superstudio, but has later been associated with morpho-ecological (ME) architectural practice.

Supersurface A

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